Announcing Cake for Yeoman

Yeoman users rejoice! You can now bootstrap your project for Cake with with Yeoman and the new generator-cake generator.

Cake for Yeoman logo

If you have node.js and npm already installed, simply run the following commands to quickly get started with Yeoman and Cake:

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-cake

Then, from your terminal, just run yo cake to quickly bootstrap Cake, including a build script, bootstrapper scripts and config files in the current folder.

Running 'yo cake'

You can also install each of these individually using yo cake:config or yo cake:bootstrapper.


Finally, You can also use our (experimental) generator for Frosting to quickly setup a new .NET Core project using Frosting:

yo cake:frosting

Running 'yo cake:frosting'

You can find the source on GitHub and I'm happy to take contributions, questions and feedback on the generator.


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