New Year Resolutions and Reflections

So another year has flashed past by us and 2017 is almost here. Like most people (and especially technology people) I find this is the best time for reflection and preparing for the new year without the stresses of the office and with at least a few days of break behind me.

Hopefully by my sharing some resolutions, they might inspire some of your own!

So what are my new resolutions for the new year?

Finish my 95% projects

This is what I call projects that I haven't finished but have ""finished"". They'll be 95% done, and often just need things like final touches to documentation, CI setup, or maybe I haven't quite settled on the exact format for the configuration files. I am hoping to actually finalise and release some of these projects in short order, and finally get them out there.

In other words...
Good enough to ship

Keep up my OSS momentum

Contributing to and maintaining open-source software has become somewhat of a passion for me, so I certainly want to keep that up. In particular, working with Patrik, Gary and Mattias on the Cake team has been an awesome experience and privilege so working with them in the new year is a great opportunity for me. If I can find the time, I'd love to get involved in more projects as well!

In other words...
Thanklessly maintaining open-source

Learn some new tech

This one is a bit of a given, but having spent much of 2016 working on a pretty narrow spectrum of technologies, I'd like to stretch my skills a little more on some new stuff. First off the rank is Docker orchestration, followed by Azure ARM. Suggestions are welcome!

In other words...
Learning new concepts

Putting the social back in social coding

With a new job and new opportunities coming in 2017, I'm looking forward to getting back into the social scene for technology, especially in my local area. While I already attend my fair share of meetups and conferences, I'd love to start presenting at these, not just to share my own knowledge with the community, but I find the experience to be immensely satisfying as well.

In other words...
Pretending to know about stuff


As much as my goals may seem irrelevant to you, if my own rambling ambitions can encourage just one technologist to stop, take a look back at 2016 and formulate their own goals for the year, my work here is done!

So, in summary Happy New Year and let's all have a great 2017!

Many thanks must go to Ben Halpern from The Practical Dev for the hilarious O RLY covers used in this post.


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