Introducing Downlink

TL;DR: I published a flexible API gateway to simplify software releases by creating stable download links regardless of your choice of storage. You can find the docs here, the source here and the Docker image here

I've recently published a new API gateway app: Downlink.

What does it do?

Downlink is a simple API gateway that you can use for dependable, stable and predictable download links for your software releases. Rather than asking your users to go trawling through the GitHub Releases page, you can give them a link like and have the 64-bit Windows binary for version 1.2 of your app automatically returned.

This also means you can easily create download links even if your app is stored in other storage, such as Azure Storage or AWS S3 Storage. You can even serve your app directly from the server running Downlink!

All the details of getting started with, and configuring, Downlink is provided in the online documentation.

How do I get it?

At this early stage, the recommended method is using the Docker image which makes getting started super-simple.

If you already have the .NET Core SDK, you can also clone the repo, run build.ps1/ and get started with the source version.

If there's interest, native packages may come in a future release.

Where can I learn more?

You can find the full documentation, including both user and developer guides here.

Downlink is completely open-source and you can find the full source on GitHub. I'm happy to accept bug reports, issues and contributions (see the contribution guide for details).

You can also hit me up on Twitter, in the comments below, or in the Gitter room.


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